Classic Water to Wine Tour offered by Sedona Adventure Tours

Sedona, Arizona and the Verde River Valley, is renowned for its mesmerizing landscapes, but it's also a place where adventure and relaxation unite in perfect harmony. Among the many experiences that capture this essence, the Classic Water to Wine Tour offered by Sedona Adventure Tours stands out as a remarkable fusion of nature exploration and wine tasting.

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Thinking of Visiting Sedona This Holiday Season? Now is the Time to Start Planning!

While the holidays may seem far away, now is the perfect time to start making travel plans in order to avoid last-minute stress. If you’re planning a visit, here are some of the best things to do in Sedona around this time of year.

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Enjoy Idyllic Weather and a Full Event Calendar in Sedona This Fall

The city offers a full calendar of festivals and events to suit nearly any interest. If you’re planning a trip to Sedona this fall, here are some popular events to consider adding to your itinerary.

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Enjoy Sunny Days and Cool Nights in Sedona This Summer

Whether you’re seeking an escape from the Phoenix heat or you simply want to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Sedona at a time when there are fewer crowds, here are a few popular highlights to experience during the summer months.

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How We Created an Authentic Arts-and-Crafts Style at El Portal

From the moment you enter El Portal, it’s clear that it is vastly different from any corporate hotel. From the windows framed in recycled 200-year-old wood to the Arts-and-Crafts-style furnishings found in each room, El Portal radiates a distinctive charm reminiscent of a bygone era. While most hotels are constantly remodeling and redecorating in an attempt to be trendier than the competition, Steve and Connie are always striving to make El Portal feel more authentic.

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The Literal and Philosophical Wave Wave

The Wave is a sandstone rock formation located in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, near the Arizona-Utah border. The Wave is a popular destination for hikers and photographers, and is considered to be one of the most photographed landscapes in the American Southwest.

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