A Letter from a Happy Guest of El Portal Sedona Hotel

We received this letter via email just the other day…Relax in the private courtyard of El Portal Sedona Hotel

Hello, Dahlings 

I apologize for not yet having sent you the pictures or writing my Tripadvisor review.  Two days after Sabrina and I got  home to DC, and hours after Louie got home, I had to take off to San Juan… I know it will sound crazy, but when I was sure I was going to lose it, I went to your home and your “Inn” (my new happy place) and the memories made me smile. I got back yesterday, and have not yet been able to see our vacation pictures;  but I saw the Conde Nast request and went right to it. You see, as I left the island my mom was taking my “do it all/can’t sit still” dad (whom you remind me of, Steve) to the hospital…. Filling out the survey and trying to write about our El Portal Experience  helps me go to my happy place and smile… (I have gotten as low as 1134 words, but it has to be 1024 or less!).
Hopefully I will be able to edit myself before the deadline.
Connie, I haven’t seen Law and Order in 2 weeks!
Take care,
Yani Q
P. S. Say hi to Terri for me
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