One of our frequent guests has written a terrific new book, and El Portal is in it!

It’s called “LONG TIME NO SEE – diaries of an unlikely messenger,” and the author describes it as ‘a rip-snorting spiritual memoir.’

All I know is, it’s a fun and fascinating read, and I guess I’m not the only one who thinks so – it’s getting great reviews and is on the way to becoming an Amazon bestseller.

If Sedona’s woo-woo spiritual side has ever interested you, I think you’ll really enjoy reading about Carrie’s otherworldly adventures out in our fabled red rock country.

And if you do read the book and are intrigued by her descriptions of Sedona’s spiritual power, let us know! The next time you come toSedona and stay at the inn, if you’d like, we can to put together a ‘LONG TIME NO SEE’ jeep tour featuring many of the locations from the book, and you can experience their mysteries for yourself. Happy reading, and come back to visit us soon!