Exploring Sedona and Northern Arizona is a great family vacation, solo or group getaway. One of the many ways to explore the area is to bike the hills, mountains, and parks.

The riding is Sedona is awesome. Sedona and the surrounding countryside has a number of bike paths; from mild to extreme, mountain to town that will take you on a beautiful journey. The people of Sedona deserve much credit for building excellent trails for all to enjoy. Most of the trails are clearly marked and in good condition. The trails can be technical in some areas so some time will be spent off the bike but it’s all worth it. There several national and state parks to explore in the area so there is plenty to do and see. Make sure to bring a swim suit and check out the natural water slide at Slide Rock State Park for some cool relief.

Owner of El Portal Sedona Hotel, and outdoor enthusiast, Steve Segner, will help you choose the bike path that is right for you, and arrange bike rentals.  At El Portal, you have access to excellent onsite concierge services for Sedona and area. The staff at the luxury inn will help you with your day’s plan; what you want to see, where you want to go, degree of difficulty, even pack a lunch for you. There is an eight mile bike trail right from El Portal to Bell Rock and back, and over ten paths/trails in the area. (Click on any trail for more information).

  1. Chapel Rocks Loop (6.3 miles)
  2. Cockscomb Loop (9.1 miles)
  3. Courthouse Butte (2.8 miles)
  4. Dry Creek (8.8 miles)
  5. Hot Loop (8.1 miles)
  6. Jim Thompson Trail (4.6 miles)
  7. Loy Butte (16 miles)
  8. Mescal Mountain (4.9 miles)
  9. Oak Creek Canyon Trails
  10. Red Rock Loop (10.1 miles)
  11. Schnebly Hill (12.8 miles)
  12. Schnebly Hill to Seven Sacred Pools (East Sedona) (13 miles)
  13. Teacup Trail to the Cockscomb (West Sedona)

What are you waiting for? Call El Portal, a pet friendly Sedona hotel. Take one of the outstanding bike trails and start exploring! 1-800-313-0017