Stay at El Portal Sedona Hotel & Go to the Sedona Hummingbird Festival!

El Portal Sedona Hotel ~ The First Hummingbird Festival in Sedona!

The Sedona Hummingbird Festival will take place August 3-5, sponsored by the Hummingbird Society. An estimated 300-500 people will attend the first year of this exciting 3 day event! August is when Sedona’s hummingbird population is highest and most diverse.

The Hummingbird Society was created as a nonprofit organization to teach people about hummingbirds so they will understand them better, and from understanding and caring will come support for their protection.  Hummingbirds appear tiny and delicate, the average hummer weighs only about 1/10 ounce (3-4 grams); yet they are hardy and resilient. Some species annually migrate as much as 3,000 miles each way!

The festival will include a Gala Banquet, presentations on  gardening, science, photography, and conservation, a Hummingbird Garden Tour, the Hummingbird Mall, Hummingbird Sunrise Breakfasts, banding demonstrations, hummingbird hot spots and more! Click here for tickets, email questions to

Take in this new, exciting festival and stay at El Portal Sedona Hotel. We have beautiful hummingbirds visit our gardens; the pet friendly Sedona hotel has selected flowers and feeders that entice these unique creatures to the gardens.

There is a private courtyard for your enjoyment, a beautiful great room decorated in the Arts and Crafts style where breakfast is served. The boutique hotel has 12 spacious guest rooms uniquely decorated; each includes a private entrance, patio, fireplace, whirlpool, bath, entertainment center with DVD, telephone, and more. All rooms feature free broadband cable high speed internet as well as free wireless access throughout the hotel, including the courtyard.

Let El Portal Sedona’s luxury inn be your host for the First Sedona Hummingbird Festival! Call 1-800-313-0017 for reservations!