El Portal Sedona Hotel's Amazing Robes

El Portal Sedona Hotel’s Famous Robes

Are now available for purchase! Whether you are a guest, have been a guest, or just love our robes, call 1.800.313.0017 or come into the hotel to order.

A little about these comfy robes…They are absolutely the squishiest, coziest southwestern inspired saddle blanket robe / duster / trench coat / house coat you’ll ever find. They boast a Native American patterned, extra thick fleece.  The Sherpa collar & cuffs with blanket stitch trim add a touch of warmth and come in nice neutral color tones with large pockets at the hips. These gorgeous robes can be worn belted or not.

Measured flat. Allow about ½” for a comfortable fit.
Free bust (54″ total).
Free waist (52″ total).
Free hips (52″” total).El Portal Sedona Hotel - The Grand Canyon Bathtub & Robe
54″ long, measured down the center back.
22“ across the back, between the shoulders.
20″ from armpit to cuff.
By T.P. Saddleblanket Company

These are now available for sale! Imagine waking up and wrapping yourself in this cozy robe, conjuring sweet Sedona memories at El Portal Sedona Hotel! To have one of these amazing robes at your own home, call 1.800.313.0017.