El Portal Sedona’s boutique hotel is located in the heart of Sedona where the majestic red rocks and mystic energies surround you and capture your spirit. They command your attention, yet soothe your soul. Their very essence strikes a chord deep within you resonating peace, tranquility, beauty. El Portal Luxury Hotel harmonizes in perfect symmetry with this powerful landscape, giving you a place of respite and release, energy and excitement.

Many people from around the world are drawn to Sedona by the powerful energy sites locally known as vortexes. This vortex energy allows for intuitive journeys of great healing power, helping you reconnect with more peace and joy in your life. How do you achieve these through the vortexes?

InnerVision12 offers spiritual tours that take you on a journey of your own making, scouring the red rocks and hiking deep into the hillsides and wooded canyons seeking an encounter with the famous vortex energy. InnerVision12 facilitates profound journeys of rediscovery. The InnerVision Intuitive Journey helps you gain a deeper understanding of Sedona’s powerful energy centers, through firsthand encounter and genuine link to this unique vortex phenomenon.

Founder Fran Duda, is an extraordinarily gifted spiritual visionary and synchronicity magnet; her simple yet intense connection to intuitive flow opens the possibility for your own highest wisdom to manifest. Deepak Chopra (Author, Lecturer and Physician) says “Fran Duda elegantly guides us through a journey to freedom by connecting the intuitive with quantum science giving us an understanding of the Spiritual domain and our role in it”. Fran leads individuals and groups on journeys through Sedona, and other sacred locations in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. She also conducts workshops and seminars in various southwestern cities.

El Portal Luxury Hotel will make arrangements for your InnerVision Intuitive Journey and vortex energy experience. Call us at 1-800-313-0017; we’d be delighted to be a part of your journey.