At El Portal Sedona Hotel we take pride in being extremely dog-friendly; and as dog owners ourselves, we knew we had to share this article with you. We rarely have  guest bloggers, but we loved this article and hope you do as well. It is from and written by Becky Simmonds … Enjoy!

17 Beautiful Benefits of Owning a Dog

We might be biased, but we whole-heartedly believe there’s nothing better than owning a four-legged companion. The vast majority of dog owners believe their canines have improved their lives. In fact, 93% of pup parents say their dogs have made them better people.  Whether you already have a dog or you’re considering adding one to your family, you’ve come to the right place!

While the benefits of owning a pooch are virtually endless, we’ve dug into the research, powwowed with devoted dog owners, and compiled a list of 17 advantages of having a canine to love. 

With over 300 dog breeds to choose from, there’s a pup for virtually everyone.

If you’re on the fence, read on, and remember… Falling in love with the idea of owning a dog is nothing like the feeling of finding your new fluffy best friend!

The Benefits of Owning a Dog

It’s time to dig into the many reasons owning a dog is doggone awesome!

  1. Dogs make us more affectionate.
  2. Dogs make us more active.
  3. Dogs make us more responsible.
  4. Dogs add structure to our days.
  5. Dogs soothe stress.
  6. Dogs lift our spirits.
  7. Dogs make us more social.
  8. Dogs can lower our blood pressure.
  9. Dog owners visit the doctor less.
  10. Dogs make waking up easier.

Now, these are only 10 of the 17 reasons Breed Advisor listed in their article. We’d love you to read why the above benefits make owning a dog awesome AND the entirety of the article here.

We’d like to thank Becky and Breed Advisor for sharing the article with us! Do you have any other ideas on the benefits of dog ownership?