Fresh, sustainable, local…that is what good food is all about. Whether you are a chef, diner, restaurant owner or home gardener this is what makes a meal special. El Portal Sedona Hotel, whenever possible, has grown its own vegetables and herbs for the freshest gourmet breakfast in Sedona. Simple yet delicious farm-to-table foods are the heart and soul of the pet friendly bed and breakfast.

Going hand in hand with owning a luxury inn is forming relationships with people who grow things, freshness leads to color, texture and flavor. In a way, what sustainable agriculture boils down to is implementing farming techniques and policies that are good for the land, good for the farmers and workers, good for the consumer, and good for future generations. Growing a variety of crops helps to lower economic risk, and using strategies like cover crops and crop rotation can help strengthen the farm by keeping weeds and pests controlled and maintaining soil and plant health.

El Portal, in making a commitment to sustainable agriculture in the community, is opening its garden land to local Sedona home gardeners. Owner Steve Segner decided to open the two acre farm to locals, as he says, “We were only using about 25% of the property. Good land is hard to come by in Sedona, and we thought ‘let’s have our neighbors farm with us!’”

The farm property is just off Schnebly Hill Road, on Bear Wallow Road. The land is fertile, close to home and planting season is just around the corner. For information on plots, please call Steve at El Portal 800.313.0017.