Fireworks – Tips for Keeping Your Furry Friend Calm & Safe

You’ve got to love long weekends, but with them come fireworks. Now, they are great fun and excitement for us humans, but not for our canine companions. Fireworks can cause dogs extreme anxiety and distress, and we do not want our buddies to suffer!

As El Portal Sedona Hotel is a pet friendly hotel, we know how important is it to keep our pets safe, but enter fireworks and you will have a frightened dog. So, after a number of years in the pet industry, owning numerous dogs, personal experience…, we (Steve) have come up with these basic and easy tips for keeping your pup safe and sound.

  1. Make sure your dogs are wearing the proper collar and secure ID tags. (Many shelters have their busiest days after a long weekend).
  2. Give them plenty of exercise earlier in the day, tire them out.
  3. Keep them inside and away from the fireworks. Do not take them to a fireworks display, this is just asking for trouble.
  4. Give them “their” space, a nice safe, familiar place. If you are not at home, crate them; they may prefer a smaller, enclosed area.
  5. Remove the stimulation. Close windows, doors, and blinds/curtains, etc. This helps to keep them calm. Provide other stimulation, give them something to do – a bone to chew, a new toy.
  6. If necessary, visit your vet and get some drugs for your dog.

Enjoy your fireworks, and keep your furry friends safe and calm these holiday weekends!

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