Pet Friendly El Portal Sedona Hotel

El Portal Sedona Hotel is known for being a pet-friendly boutique hotel. Yes, it is mainly dogs that have walked or scampered through our doors, but did you know we have had a wide variety of pets stay with us?

There have been kangaroos that have hopped around the courtyard. We had a monkey visit us once, that was a particularly entertaining visit! Cats and kittens have joined their owners on vacation here, and guests have brought their birds, pet rats, and we even had a potbellied pig stay!El Portal Sedona Hotel - Pet Friendly Sedona Hotel

The hotel has its own treasure trove of hotel pets. We have Dexter and Oliver, the Basset Hounds. Milo, the Great Dane/mix. Peanut, the sweet black cat that fell off the roof garden, and of course now we have Rice and Crispies – our budgies!

So if you’re looking for a pet-friendly inn, look no further, El Portal is the place to stay. With no pet fees, a welcome basket of goodies, and fenced private patios we have you covered! Call 1.800.313.0017 or click to reserve your pet-friendly room!Pet Friendly El Portal Sedona Hotel