Pet Friendly Sedona & El Portal Sedona Hotel

Tips on Traveling with Your Pet – Last One!

When traveling with a pet – keep it on your schedule, meaning even with time changes your pet will have to adjust just like you, but do it gradually for them.  Bring their food and bowls, bedding, toys and leash to ensure that they are comfortable and have familiar items to ease their travel anxiety.  Never leave them alone in a hotel room, cabin, or other space. Remember, pets are like children – not everyone likes them, keep them on a leash at all times, and never let them be bothersome. Pets are part of our families and they need to be taken care of with love, attention, and discipline.

Sedona provides numerous opportunities to take your pet on excursions.  Our Arizona town is located in an area with miles and miles of hiking trails of all different difficulty levels, and the town itself is incredibly dog friendly.  This is important because taking your pet with you when you leave your hotel is highly recommended. Leaving them alone in a strange place can make them anxious and noisier than they may usually be.  Besides, you do not want to spend all that time bringing them with you, only to leave them alone in a hotel room for the entire trip! El Portal Sedona can help you discover and plan activities for both you and your pet – pets need attention and care, just like a child, so include them in as many things as you can!

Take a trip to Sedona and bring your pet!