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For this month’s blog, we welcome guest blogger Andrea Christelle of Sedona Philosophy!

Sometimes you just have to take the dog with you. That’s the way I felt 15 years ago when my good friend was getting married at Sam A. Baker State Park in Missouri. It wasn’t that I had to take my dog to the wedding. I didn’t have a dog. I found a lost dog at the wedding, and he needed a home!

At the park, all of the cabins and campsites were filled up with friends new and old. It was a weekend of outdoor immersion, before the wedding party and a sizable entourage headed off to Burning Man. It was a wonderfully chaotic mix of people and parties, but eventually, it became clear that amidst the merry madness, there was a dog without an owner. 

A black lab mutt with the sweetest disposition kept sidling up to people looking for affection. And food. When I heard the rumor that this dog had been left behind, and that the park managers were planning to take it to the pound I was really upset. That could not happen. Not to this kind creature. I made a decision and a proclamation. I would take the dog back to New Orleans. 

I hadn’t had a pet since I was a kid, so I didn’t know that you can’t just put a dog on a plane like a suitcase. Animals need shots, and papers, and more than just carriers. But once I made it clear that the dog would have a home, others stepped up to the plate. 

The newlyweds decided to expand their family right away. They adopted this lovable dog, which remained a loyal companion for all of its days. They named him Sam A. Baker, to commemorate the place they found the pup and tied the knot. 

Like a lot of things in my life, making sure that the dog had a home didn’t turn out the way I thought it would, but it probably turned out for the best. In this case, the best thing was Sam staying with Kelly and Michael.   

We know that many of you are choosing El Portal Sedona Hotel not only for its charm and elegance but also because it is pet friendly. Now you can take a guided hike that is pet friendly too. As of January 2022, Sedona Philosophy can take you on a walking or hiking tour, and your furry friends are welcome to come along. One of our guides even volunteers for the Humane Society, so he is used to taking dogs of all types on the trails.

To the left is Kent Baldner, one of Sedona Philosophy guides who will be taking out El Portal Sedona Hotel guests and their dogs, and he volunteers at Humane Society of Sedona.

Sedona Philosophy hikes are enriching and rewarding outings where you learn a little about Sedona and a lot about yourself. Sedona is the perfect place to reflect on the wonder of the world and the meaning of life. On your next visit to beautiful El Portal, take a tour with Sedona Philosophy, and bring your pet along for every step of the adventure.

By Andrea Christelle, Sedona Philosophy

Here is a guide to help pet owners keep their pets safe this winter season!

Pet Friendly El Portal Sedona Hotel

El Portal Sedona Hotel is a pet friendly boutique hotel, located within walking distance of shops, restaurants, activities, and more. It is a AAA Four Diamond Hotel, with only 12 rooms, and no pet fees!