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We Love Dogs at El Portal Sedona Hotel

It’s January, and that means it is National Dog Training Month. As a pet friendly hotel we have many four legged guests stay with us, and we love them!

With Christmas, many of you received a puppy as a gift, so we thought National Train Your Dog month was a timely blog.  Of course you can always take your dog to a trainer, but here are a few basics to do at home:
Walk on leash


When teaching your dog these commands always be consistent – use the exact command each and every time. If you change it up you’ll just confuse your pet.

Don’t continually repeat the command, it teaches your dog they don’t need to respond promptly to the first command.

Use treats as a reward for obeying the command. Vary the type, amount, and frequency of the reward; sometimes your pup gets a yummy treat, sometimes a tummy rub, other times an enthusiastic, “good girl.” Eventually phase out the food rewards altogether.

Keep the training short and sweet, keep it fun, stop before frustration sets in for you or your pet. Five or ten minutes is plenty of time for a training session, you can always do mini sessions throughout the day too.El Portal, Sedona Hotel, Pet Friendly Hotel

Practice giving commands in different settings by different people. Your pup will follow commands whether inside or out, and by your spouse or children.

Training may seem intimidating and overwhelming, but it creates strong bonds and good habits!

Love your pet and they will love you. Treat them well and they will love you. They are a part of your family and they love you!

El Portal – a boutique hotel – is not only pet friendly, we are a AAA Four Diamond hotel with no pet fees. On your trip to Sedona, stay with us – we welcome pets with open arms and a treat basket! 1.800.313.0017