Five Reasons to Stay in a Boutique Hotel – El Portal Sedona

When you travel, there are always plenty of options when it comes to choosing accommodations.  All too often, travelers fall back on well-worn choices, choosing the stay at a large, chain hotel with buildings in multiple cities in many different countries.  This is an understandable decision because the traveler knows exactly what they’re getting when they book with these larger companies.  However, what isn’t talked about nearly as often is what is missed when a chain hotel is picked over a boutique hotel.  Yes, you know what you’re getting, but that’s because it is the same in every single city in every single country, which results in a less rich traveling experience.  Staying at a boutique hotel can provide a far richer experience when it comes to exploring the area and the accommodations provided.  Here are the top five reasons to stay in a boutique hotel instead of a large chain when you come to Sedona.

  1. Unique experience: Staying at a boutique hotel means that you’ll get an experience you cannot get anyplace else on the planet.  The hotel is unique, one of a kind, and what it offers travelers can’t be replicated anyplace else.
  2. More personal service: Many boutique hotels have a lower capacity – fewer rooms overall are available – so it’s possible for owners and staff to provide a much more personalized experience for their guests.  They will recognize your face, pet and be more aware of any needs you may have.
  3. Location: Many boutique hotels are located in the heart of the city – their smaller size is less disruptive and means they don’t need to be on the outskirts.  These hotels are often closest to shopping, dining, and adventures.
  4. No two stays are the same: Boutique hotels change with the years and the seasons in a way that large chain hotels simply cannot do. You can stay in different rooms with radically different aesthetics and layouts, experience different events, and much more.
  5. Knowledgeable staff: The staff at a boutique hotel are often local, dedicated, and incredibly knowledgeable about the area, which allows them to help guests with more nuance and detail than the staff of a large hotel.

El Portal Sedona Hotel is no exception when it comes to boutique hotels.  A visitor to Sedona, Arizona who chooses to stay at El Portal will have a vastly different experience than if they were to stay at the chain hotels.  El Portal has won multiple awards and boasts an unbeatable location.  Close to the Grand Canyon, world-class hiking, and top-flight shopping and dining, El Portal is close to many of the favorite spots that visitors want to see.  And the owners and staff are knowledgeable and ready to help any guest organize a tour, select a hiking or biking trail, and decide which restaurant they would like to try that night.  With only twelve rooms, El Portal is personal and welcoming to both humans and their pets as one of the best pet-friendly hotels in the nation.  The next time you come to Sedona, or when you decide to visit for the first time, keep in mind boutique hotels like El Portal Sedona.