Walk to Town from El Portal Sedona Hotel!

The Sedona area is known for its many hiking trails, which allow on-foot exploration of the majestic red rock wonderland that makes the city famous. However, visitors do not need to venture into the wilderness to discover immersive walkable adventures. With the city’s intriguing past and diverse selection of restaurants, shops, and galleries, visitors will find plenty to explore in Sedona on foot.

From Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village to Hillside Sedona to Creekside to Uptown to Tlaq North, Sedona is a very walkable town; and all from a two-minute amble to less than twenty minutes’ stroll from El Portal.

Photo credit The Secret Garden Café Tlaquepaque

Wander the streets, browse the shops, explore the galleries, and do not forget to follow Sedona’s “Walk through Time,” (also known as the Sedona History Walk). These charming places house a wide variety of coffee shops, ice cream parlors, fine dining, specialty boutiques, gear stores, art galleries, bars, and souvenir shops!

Leave the car behind and walk about wonderful Sedona!

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