Another point to consider when travelling with your pet from El Portal Sedona Hotel owner Steve Segner!

Consider how you are going to be travelling.  Are you driving? Flying? Hopping on board a train? Odds are you will use one of the first two methods to get to your vacation destination.  Each of these methods of travel comes with its own concerns for transporting your pet.  If you need to fly, time of the flight and size of the pet will likely impact your plans.  Most airlines will let you know when they transport pets for maximum comfort, but if you have a pet small enough to fit under the seat, you can fly any time.  Car rides are a little different.  The most important thing to keep in mind in this case is that your pet will need to stretch their legs and move around about once every three hours – much like you do! In either case, remember to hydrate your pet and avoid feeding them a full meal before in order to avoid upset stomachs during the journey. If your pet is kennel or crate-trained, bring it with you, your pet will feel more safe and secure.Pet Friendly El Portal Sedona Hotel - Naomi Christie

Be prepared!!!

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