Trip to Sedona - El Portal Sedona Hotel - Photo Courtesy Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism

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Business travel is a necessity, but personal travel is an adventure.  A well-planned leisure trip should provide the visitor with an authentic taste of the destination’s local flavor and a glimpse into the culture and everyday life of the area.  When searching for accommodations that will facilitate this experience while offering reliable quality, the options can be overwhelming.  A quick internet search for hotels in any given city unleashes a torrent of enticing ads and guest reviews for hotels of varying sizes and styles.  Should a traveler take a chance by staying at a small, local inn or opt for the predictability of a larger chain hotel?  While chain hotels may be respectable options for business travelers who will not have much leisure time and need to rely on a standardized experience, smaller boutique hotels provide a more rewarding stay for personal travel.

Here are a few advantages that boutique hotels offer leisure travelers:

  • Personalized service – due to the fewer number of guests at boutique hotels, staff members can take the time to learn guests’ unique desires and travel goals and will be more responsive to individual needs. Small hotels are more likely to attract employees who are genuinely passionate about the area and are eager to share their enthusiasm with visitors.  Combining their intimate local knowledge with their individual attention to guests, staff members of small hotels will be able to make recommendations for excursions based on each guest’s preferences.
  • Unique character – small hotels often incorporate plenty of local flair into their properties, providing guests with a direct opportunity to sample the charm of the area. Visitors may encounter distinctive architecture, intriguing artwork, and other quirky details, making the hotel a destination in itself.
  • Attention to detail – at small inns, the passion of the owners and staff members is obvious. They take pride in their properties and are committed to ensuring that each guest has a flawless stay.
  • Location – many boutique hotels are located in the heart of the city – their smaller size is less disruptive and means they don’t need to be on the outskirts.  These hotels are often closest to shopping, dining, and adventures.
  • Opportunity to connect with other travelers – boutique hotels often feature gathering places where guests can mingle with one another. These cozy spaces and the welcoming vibe combine to create a comfortable environment in which visitors from around the world can swap travel stories and tips.El Portal Sedona Hotel - Courtyard at Night

In contrast to the uniform experience offered by large chain hotels, the characteristics that only smaller hotels and inns can provide weave a rich travel experience that visitors are sure to cherish.  With only twelve suites, El Portal Sedona Hotel embodies all of the best qualities of small hotels.  The owners and staff of El Portal are passionate about the Sedona area and are committed to fostering an authentic and memorable experience for guests.  Boasting an upscale Southwestern style, El Portal offers unpretentious luxury! It is a pet friendly Sedona hotel, a AAA Four Diamond Hotel, has been ranked one of the top hotels in the Southwest by Conde Nast Traveler readers, and is ranked by USA Today and as the Best Pet Friendly Hotel!

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