Create Your Sedona, Arizona Adventure

“Create” – to bring into existence; to produce through imaginative skill; to produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior; cause or occasion. (Miriam Webster).

Make the most of your visit to Sedona and create an adventure that is all yours…create memories that will last a lifetime! With so many excursions, journeys, experiences, there is one (or more) for you.

Create your personal adventure today…

First, decide outdoor or indoors. Next, do you want it to be spiritual, restoring & rejuvenating, rigorous or serene? Or is the cultural side of Sedona more appealing?

OK, got it? Here are some of our suggestions…

For the arduous, outdoor adventure
Hike take-your-breath-away, drop-dead incredible Cathedral Rock, Bear Mountain, and/or Wilson Mountain trails
RZRing, 4WD, ATV, off-road tours
Mountain biking
Kayaking the Verde River

Mountain Biking Sedona - El Portal Sedona Hotel

For the cultural adventure
Sedona International Film Festival Premieres
Tour the museums of Sedona
Sedona History Walk – A Walk through TimeSedona History Walk - El Portal Sedona Hotel

For the spiritual adventure
Hike with Sedona Philosophy Experience
Experience the mysterious cosmic forces of a vortex
Look into the invisible realms of heart, mind, and soulSedona, Arizona - El Portal Sedona Hotel

For the restore & rejuvenate adventure
Connect with a reiki master to promote relaxation and healing, and reduces stress
Take a private day retreat at a spa, some have outdoor gardens, hot tub, and fountains
Experience desert treatments such as deep healing massage, body purification, and detox

For the indoor/serene adventure
Our suggestions?
Shopping, dining, stroll Oak Creek, or just relax at El Portal Sedona Hotel

Sedona offers an array of experiences – MAKE ONE YOURS TODAY!

At El Portal Sedona Hotel we offer our guests personalized concierge services to help you get the most out of your trip to Sedona. At this AAA Four Diamond boutique hotel, we will assist you in anything and everything Sedona!  Give us a call and reserve your room today 1.800.313.0017, or book online.El Portal Sedona Hotel - Private Courtyard