Create Your Sedona, Arizona Adventure

Create Your Sedona, Arizona Adventure"Create" - to bring into existence; to produce through imaginative skill; to produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior; [...]

Sedona Vortexes – What Are They?

Sedona Vortexes – What Are They?Time to test your "vortex" knowledge.  What is a vortex?  Are there different vortexes?   What do they do?  Where are they? [...]

What to do in Sedona…National Forest Service Approved

What to do in Sedona…National Forest Service ApprovedSedona offers a wide array of activities, events and festivals for visitors to experience. From art hikes to van tours, [...]

Sedona – The Mystical and Metaphysical

  Sedona is a spectacular, mystical, powerful place. At El Portal we know visitors come from all over the world for an array of experiences; whether a life-changing encounter, a rejuvenation of the [...]

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